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Whether you’re a mum and dad owner-occupier wishing to knock down ‘the old house’ to build a duplex or maybe even two Torrens title dwellings (one for you and one for the grandparents), or your five-acre hobby farm has recently been rezoned from rural use to residential use, here is what you need to know about your current zoning and any future rezoning opportunities, including how our team can help you.

What is rezoning?

Land rezoning is a formal process that amends the planning controls relating to a parcel/s of land. Rezoning land can result in an increase or decrease to the range of permissible uses on the subject land or change the development controls that are applicable. These controls are put in place to allow a range of uses such as housing, retail, commercial and industrial land uses. Rezoning of land is generally initiated to meet the demands of a rising population; housing, infrastructure and employment growth and can sometimes occur to better meet the demands of local residents.

Changes to the zoning of land or planning controls can be council or planning led – as in the case of the North-West Growth Centre – or can be initiated by the individual property owner – application for re-zoning of your own land and maybe even that of your neighbours or the entire street etc.

So, how can we help?

Doing your property homework is essential to securing the highest return on your property investment and ultimately maximising your profits. If you’re currently residing in an area with current or future rezoning potential, we can help you to navigate the process by:

  • Zoning investigations: We can ensure your site is developed to achieve the highest and best use of the land. This could mean your home site becomes a townhouse site or your five-acre market garden farm could soon be home to thirty residential dwellings or maybe even a new Town Centre. At the end of the day, unlocking the hidden potential in your site is all a part of the Urban Greenfield approach, so contact us today to receive your free zoning report.
  • Future rezoning opportunities: Your land or site could be undergoing a zoning review and you might not even be aware of it. Rezoning of your land could uncover hidden value overnight, once the future zoning is approved and gazetted. If you’re unsure if your land is undergoing a rezoning review by the local council or the Department of Planning and Environment, we can make the relevant enquiries on your behalf.
  • Highest and best use of your land: Of course under ‘existing use rights’ you can continue to use your land in its current use, provided the use is already lawfully commenced. However, your backyard chicken coup or horse arena could be zoned for a business park or new neighborhood centre, generating millions of dollars in additional value to your property; something you never knew you had. Here at Urban Greenfield, our team can make that enquiry on your behalf, ensuring the decision you make today will set you up financially for tomorrow.
  • Owner-led rezoning
    Property owners – or anyone who has obtained the consent of the property owner – may lodge a planning proposal/application to develop land. The land rezoning application or planning proposal is the first step in the process of rezoning land – this is the formal application submitted to council and should address the following:

    • The statement of the objectives or intended outcomes of the proposal
    • An explanation of the provisions that are to be included in the proposal
    • The justification for those objectives, outcomes and provisions, and the process for their implementation
    • Maps containing the appropriate details including proposed zones, environmental constraints, and heritage and flooding where relevant
    • Details of the community consultation that is to be undertaken.

The rezoning and planning proposal submission process can be complicated. Urban Greenfield can assist you with the initial preparation, through to engaging council, facilitating ongoing negotiations, making rectifications and obtaining final approval. If desired, we can also be engaged for site feasibility analysis, concept design, the preparation and negotiation of a development application, and civil works and construction services.

To give your project the very best opportunity for a favourable planning outcome, or for your free zoning report, contact us today.

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