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Property consulting

Offering independent expert advice on all things property our services include:

Property use – highest and best use

Has your property recently been re-zoned or is the current zoning likely to change in the near future? Understanding your property’s zoning or potential zoning is key to making the greatest return on your investment. This is our specialty – we offer unparalleled advice on the highest and best use of your site. Whether you have already been rezoned and now want to know what’s possible (high rise apartments, medium density townhouses or even a duplexes etc), or if you have an existing property and would like to make additional income (additional dwelling or granny flat), we have the solutions for you. Sometimes your property’s potential isn’t just limited to what you own, sometime unleashing the un-tapped potential means collaborating with your neighbour/s or the entire street. Urban Greenfield is your perfect partner in orchestrating such a project and you will only benefit from our contact base of developers and investors.

Investment insight and market analysis

Extensive comparative market analysis and suburb statistical investigations to reveal key market trends and property insights to help you better plan your property portfolio. We are your property investment partner and can help devise a property investment strategy that works for you.

Property valuation or appraisal

Whether you are in the market for a new property/ development site, or looking to sell, we can provide highly experienced property valuers to assess your property’s worth.

Feasibility analysis and scenario planning

Whether your vision is to buy a development site, sell one, or submit a DA to generate additional income, we can provide unparalleled advice every step of the way. We can deliver expert in-depth feasibility analysis, financial modeling and detailed enquiry for every scenario you are likely to pursue;

Inspection and on-site investigation

Identification and shortlisting of suitable sites, and inspecting those potential development sites on your behalf. After thoroughly researching and assessing suitability of the site against your brief, we will liaise with real estate agents/vendors directly to arrange convenient viewing times that suit your schedule – saving you time and money.

Site acquisition and negotiation

We can negotiate the terms of sale, purchase price and inclusions on your behalf ensuring you get the very best deal. We are also happy to approach owners directly for private sale. We’ll support you from the negotiation period right through until settlement.

Finance partners

We can help you to connect with investors, joint venture or money partners to help finance your site or project; and


We can take your project forward after initial site acquisition through our integrated property development, project management and real estate services.

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