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Vineyard rezoned: Exciting opportunities for landowners and developers

The dust has now settled and the plans for the Vineyard precinct (Stage 1) have now been finalised. The 230 hectare area has been rezoned under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (Growth Centres SEPP) and is proving to provide lucrative opportunities for landowners, developers and investors alike.

The development of Vineyard (Stage 1) sees attractive inclusions such as a proposed primary school, around 27 hectares of open space focused on the Killarney Chain of Ponds, and adjacent land for new playing fields, parks and cycleways, a village centre and new homes for a future resident population of over 7,000.

The sought-after precinct will see a maximum of 2,300 homes built to ensure future residents’ needs are well balanced with the infrastructure and services on offer. The finalisation of Stage 1 ensures essential services such as sewer and water are available to service the entire Stage 1 precinct with electricity available for an initial 500 newly created lots with additional capacity to be delivered over the next five-years.

The Vineyard community will benefit from a central green spine along the Killarney Chain of Ponds providing recreational uses and extensive views to the Blue Mountains. The suburb also offers great connection to nearby rural land.

The main changes to the plans since exhibition include:

  • A mix of housing styles including stand-alone, R2 low density dwellings and terraces on land rezoned for R3 medium density development
  • Creating a new community with shops and cafes
  • Increasing the amount of open space by approximately four hectares to protect more Existing Native Vegetation and zoning it for conservation purposes
  • Relocating two pocket parks for easier access
  • Adjusting the road layout.

For an insight into the new Vineyard, check out the video below..


If you are a landowner and would like to find out more about your land development potential, present day value, or if you are looking for advice on redeveloping the land yourself, please contact us today on 1300 732 587.

If you are a developer looking to acquire land in the Vineyard precinct, please contact us on 1300 732 587 or email your specifications to [email protected]

*Rezoning information courtesy of the NSW Department of Planning & Environment and Hawkesbury City Council
*Video courtesy of the NSW Department of Planning & Environment and Spatial Media.
* Image courtesy of Spatial Media.

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