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Project management services

‘From concept to completion… and everything in between…’

Urban Greenfield can take your property development project to the next level, offering you expertise in all aspects of project management along the way. Whether you have an existing property that has potential for development, or are looking to find the right site for your future development aspirations; Urban Greenfield has a service strategy to suit your project and/or development needs.

Our services include:

Project location and acquisition

Even before your project gets off the ground, we are here to help you find the right site in the right location to achieve your development vision. While acquiring the right site can be the most time consuming phase of the entire property development process, we have the technical competence and vision to locate suitable sites for you, ultimately saving you time and money.

Project scope

Once a suitable site has been located the project scope sets the stage for developing your project or development plan. After all, we can only control what we have planned for, so it’s important to define all deliverables during the early stages of the project. Here, we ensure the project details all of the work required, such as:

  • Undertaking comprehensive feasibility analysis and scenario planning;
  • Financial modeling of project costs to understand potential yield;
  • Opportunities and limitations of the project;
  • Planning and development requirements; and
  • Marketing and sales upon completion.

Human resource acquisition

Every property development project requires expert opinion, advice and input from industry experts to ensure the overall success of the project. This stage of the project life-cycle is all about gathering the troops – identifying, organising, managing and leading our human resource network of professionals to perform critical tasks; ensuring overall project success.

Project integration

Managing all functions associated with the project including project scope, cost and time. As no two projects are ever the same we are flexible by adapting to challenges and variations to the scope of works along the way. We understand this process and by implementing follow on steps it will ensure your project remains on schedule, on time and most importantly on budget.

Project communication and negotiation

We’ll take control and management of all communication and negotiation requirements from concept to completion. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way to ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, creation, distribution, retrieval, management, control, monitoring and the ultimate disposition of all relevant project information to all participating stakeholders.

Project risk management

Conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning and control of all risks associated with the project or development. This risk can include financial risk, planning risk, risk associated with the development such as the identification of contaminated land or the exposure of asbestos in a house that is to be knocked down for re-development.

Project systems and procurement

Adopting procedures, processes, software, technology and support to manage the acquisition of resources, materials and functions to align with project and development outcomes.

Project construction

Although we are not builders or civil engineers we are able to assist in the selection and management of a construction company or homebuilder to meet your project or development needs.

Project marketing and sales

Taking your completed projects to market our experts will create a unique and robust marketing campaign to ensure your development project (land subdivision, townhouse site, duplex or project home) sells at the top market price.

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