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Project management

Here at Urban Greenfield we are highly skilled and trained in project management and offer expertise in all aspects of planning, coordinating, securing and managing of resources to ensure successful completion of your development project. Whether you have an existing property that has potential for development, or are looking to find the right site for your future development aspirations, Urban Greenfield has a service strategy to suit your project and/or property development needs. Whether it is a five-acre residential land subdivision or maybe the construction of a second dwelling or granny flat, we have the knowledge and expertise in project management to guide you through your development journey. We deliver:

Best practice project management

We pride ourselves on following best practice project management principles and methodologies and are well equipped to take responsibility for complete management of your property development project. We have a proven track record in providing project management services for a range of property development projects. Through carefully matching the technical background of our team to each individual project element, and always actively engaging all relevant stakeholders and development consultants, we ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

During the project execution phase we will ensure meticulous detail is applied, making sure your property development project is not only feasible, but results in your completed development being in high demand. Our focus is to ensure project activities are implemented with time, cost, and quality top of mind, and that the project satisfies the needs for which your property development project was originally undertaken.

At Urban Greenfield we will provide you with continuous valuable input, guidance and ‘lessons learned’, drawing from academic and professional experience from a wide range of property development projects and case studies previously undertaken. Contact the team at Urban Greenfield to discuss your proposed property development project today.

A focus on time, cost and quality

Our beliefs revolve around ‘sweating the finer detail.’ Therefore, we want our landowners or joint venture partners to be aware of what project management process can ultimately impact the overall success of the property development project. In the case of most property development activities, three key elements that form the ‘project triangle’ are time, cost and quality and it is important the connection and tensions between the three elements are understood. When you embark on a development project (whether it be large or small) you need to examine your goals, to enable a clear understanding of your current and desired position within the triangle. For instance, if your goal is to complete your project at minimum cost, this will create extra tension on the time and quality elements. However, if you want to do things quickly you may have to pay a premium for faster subdivision and construction of your site. Moreover, if the quality of your property development project is your primary concern, you are likely to pay more and it will take longer.

In other words, when you get involved in a property development project you will be working with one friend (quality) and two enemies (time and cost) or vice versa. Unfortunately, most developers who are just starting out want it all, but in reality the key to successful project management is to understand the developer’s bias, be it time, cost or quality, and then fight with the other two components that are working against you to find a balance.

Here at Urban Greenfield we have a strong cost and time focus strategy that requires significant due-diligence process, but will result in a greater profit or financial return. If you’d like to know more about our project management strategies for success, contact us today.

Project orchestration

Property project management is not just about Gantt charts, programming, milestones and checking off boxes. It is a fine art – one that requires more than just intimate knowledge of development processes. A good project manager will posses the skills and ability to coordinate and motivate a diverse team of professionals and external property development consultants towards a common goal. Project coordination is like being the conductor of an orchestra whose primary role is to bring ‘music to life.’ Likewise the role of the project coordinator or project manager is to bring a ‘property development project to life.’ Your project coordinator is a direct representative of you (as the developer and/or landowner) and even though you are financing the project, they will ultimately be accountable for the entire success of the project including the time taken, cost and the quality of the property development produced. A good project coordinator will be able to foresee potential risks and challenges with your development, as well as opportunities to maximise the profits of the project.

Urban Greenfield can act as development manager, project manager or project coordinator, administering various services to all types of property development projects from concept to completion. Contact us for more information regarding our project management strategies, or project coordination services today.

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